Cornerstone Insurance Group

Cornerstone Insurance Group was created in 2007 in an effort to ensure that our clients were receiving the product information and the ethical and professional service that they expect. We strive to be an asset to our clients by offering the best products, excellent service and the personalized attention necessary to create the best fit for each circumstance.

Our Mission

Empowering individuals to feel confident in their insurance decision through our education, experience, & knowledge.

What does it mean to work with Cornerstone- what does it mean to be “Cornerstone Ready”?

Our team is heart centered. We believe in compassion, we believe in listening to our client’s needs, and walking with them to the end goal, as well as being there for the moments after. We believe in educating our clients, providing them with the tools they need to make informed decisions. We believe in doing things the right way, happy clients return, and our client retention speaks volumes to the way we operate, and it is a constant measure of how closely we are living in our core values, Compassion and Integrity. Working with Cornerstone means you will be ready to confidently navigate the insurance field the Cornerstone way- you are “Cornerstone Ready”.

About Brandy Corujo, Principal

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Brandy Corujo

Brandy began her insurance career in 1998 as a requirement for a position in the financing industry. She learned quickly that insurance was a field she enjoyed, a self-proclaimed “insurance nerd”. A few years later she began working with a company that specialized in senior insurance products such as Medicare, Long Term Care, Life insurance and Annuities and she discovered that she really enjoyed working with this demographic of client. While this was a great training ground, Brandy felt like she was not fully serving her clients since she only had one portfolio of product to offer. She wanted to truly be an advocate to her clients and help them choose the best product for their situation. Cornerstone was built to help educate clients in their options as they begin to navigate the insurance for the next season of their lives. Brandy enjoys educating clients and providing them with the tools they need to make the right decision for their situation.

Brandy and her husband Rey stay active with their two kids. For the past decade and a half this has meant a schedule full of swim, softball, soccer, and various roles at their school and church. Life is precious so staying present and enjoying the kids as they grow has been the priority. As the girls get older and the “mom jobs” start to lessen, Brandy is looking forward to rediscovering hobbies and activities to ignite her passion for the next phase as well as new roles in support of and service to her community.



About Stacey McKenzie, Principal

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Stacey Mckenzie

After continuing her education in Human Relations and Business Management, Stacey always had her sights aimed high at running her own business, just like her parents. She never imagined it would be in the insurance industry; she became licensed in 2003 and has never looked back. Stacey is very passionate about helping people in a variety of ways, from her insurance business to area personal growth. She loves to help sort through all the information that clients receive from email, mail, television, and internet searches. She knows firsthand that this can create confusion and difficulty making an insurance decision. It brings her joy to help clients sort through the available options and narrow down which is right for them. Stacey is dedicated to continuing her education and knowledge, which allows her to best serve her clients and their lifelong needs. She has found her work in insurance incredibly rewarding and cherishes the peace of mind she is able to give others.

Stacey lives in Seattle with her husband Marcus and son Austin, who is studying Business/Marketing. The apple does not fall to far from the tree, as he dreams of owning a business like his parents. Stacey and her husband have been passionate and committed to their own self & relationship growth; they annually help at a retreat for individuals and married couples in Texas. They love to see the transformation people achieve in 4 days. As a family, they are foodies and love searching on TripAdvisor for restaurants with high ratings and reviews to try out. Stacey enjoys taking trips with her family and friends, Mexico and Las Vegas are her favorite places. “Nothing like a relaxing warm trip to somewhere in Mexico or Las Vegas, taking in a show & dining at some of my favorite spots” she says.

Stacey lives and works in the greater Seattle area, but her heart lies with her hometown roots of Morton, WA where she has an office to serve the Lewis County community. She says even on the grayest day, as she drives down, the sun comes out to cascade over Mt. Rainier and its beauty is a reminder of how much she loves the peace of the slow-paced little town she grew up in.

History of Cornerstone & Mission

For more than a decade Cornerstone Insurance Group has assisted clients with their retirement readiness and insurance needs. After several years working within a captive insurance organization we had the strong desire to be able to do more for our clients, to provide the product or plan that served each individual need. Creating Cornerstone allowed us that ability to obtain products for each client as the need came up and then additional products as the needs or environment changed. Cornerstone allows us to put our clients’ needs first, this is a role we are honored to be entrusted with.

We provide personalized recommendations relating to Medicare Planning, Long-Term Care planning, Critical Care needs, Final expenses and Asset Protection. Our goal is to provide personal service and customer satisfaction. We have been fortunate to serve thousands of happy clients over the years and have experienced firsthand how insurance benefits play an instrumental role in the financial security and peace of mind of individuals and their families.

Cornerstone represents several top rated companies with competitive pricing and benefits structures. Our experience is available to help you make the most educated choice to meet your needs. Our clients can be confident they will receive the highest level of ethical and professional service.