Cornerstone Insurance Group

Cornerstone Insurance Group was created in 2007 in an effort to ensure that our clients were receiving the product information and the ethical and professional service that they expect. We strive to be an asset to our clients by offering the best products, excellent service and the personalized attention necessary to create the best fit for each circumstance.

Our Mission

Empowering individuals to feel confident in their insurance decision through our vast knowledge, education and expert advice.

About Brandy Corujo

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After beginning her insurance career in 1998 as a requirement while working in the financing industry she accepted a position a few years later with a company specializing in senior insurance needs such as Medicare, Long Term Care, Life and Annuities. She quickly found she enjoyed working in this field and supporting those with these type of needs and most importantly how to help people enhance their retirement using these insurance tools.

Brandy’s dedication to educating all her clients and those around her about senior care and specific programs such as Medicare is of utmost importance to her. These decisions that her clients make in their journey are extraordinarily important and she values guiding them to make highly educated decisions that make sense and feel comfortable for their future.

Brandy and her husband enjoy staying active with her two kiddos in swimming, soccer and whatever else keeps them occupied. She enjoys her quiet time as much as she enjoys her quality busy family time, making her home north of Seattle with a goal of getting out to rock climb or paint a canvas in her near future.

About Stacey McKenzie

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After continuing her education in Human Relations and Business Management, Stacey always had her sights aimed high at owing her own business. She just never imagined it would be in the insurance industry and has since never looked back. Stacey is very passionate about helping people sort through all the confusion when it comes to insurance information and helping determine what options are right for them. She is dedicated to continuing her education and knowledge, which allows her to best serve her clients and their life long needs. She has found her work in insurance incredibly rewarding and cherishes the peace of mind she is able to give others.

Stacey lives in Seattle with her husband and son, who is very active in basketball and they enjoy being social in a variety of circles and always helping with a variety of events. She enjoys taking trips around the Northwest with her family and friends. Stacey may live and work a majority of her time in the greater Seattle area, but her heart also lies with her home town roots of Morton, WA and is continually committed to serving those
both near and far.

About Daniela Ojeda

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Daniela fell into the insurance industry purely by accident and found that she enjoyed the field very much. She discovered that she has a true passion to help people and specifically seniors so the Medicare market was a natural fit. She found a home at Cornerstone where she is continually training and learning about products to assist her clients. Daniela, her off time loves to spend time with her family especially spoiling her nieces and nephews and her furry friends.

History of Cornerstone & Mission

For more than a decade Cornerstone Insurance Group has assisted clients with their retirement readiness and insurance needs. After several years working within a captive insurance organization we had the strong desire to be able to do more for our clients, to provide the product or plan that served each individual need. Creating Cornerstone allowed us that ability to obtain products for each client as the need came up and then additional products as the needs or environment changed. Cornerstone allows us to put our clients’ needs first, this is a role we are honored to be entrusted with.

We provide personalized recommendations relating to Medicare Planning, Long-Term Care planning, Critical Care needs, Final expenses and Asset Protection. Our goal is to provide personal service and customer satisfaction. We have been fortunate to serve thousands of happy clients over the years and have experienced firsthand how insurance benefits play an instrumental role in the financial security and peace of mind of individuals and their families.

Cornerstone represents several top rated companies with competitive pricing and benefits structures. Our experience is available to help you make the most educated choice to meet your needs. Our clients can be confident they will receive the highest level of ethical and professional service.