About Brandy Corujo

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cornerstone-28e-brandyAfter beginning her insurance career in 1998 as a requirement while working in the financing industry she accepted a position a few years later with a company specializing in senior insurance needs such as Medicare, Long Term Care, Life and Annuities. She quickly found she enjoyed working in this field and supporting those with these type of needs and most importantly how to help people enhance their retirement using these insurance tools.

Brandy’s dedication to educating all her clients and those around her about senior care and specific programs such as Medicare is of utmost importance to her. These decisions that her clients make in their journey are extraordinarily important and she values guiding them to make highly educated decisions that make sense and feel comfortable for their future.

Brandy and her husband enjoy staying active with her two kiddos in swimming, soccer and whatever else keeps them occupied. She enjoys her quiet time as much as she enjoys her quality busy family time, making her home north of Seattle with a goal of getting out to rock climb or paint a canvas in her near future.

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