About Stacey McKenzie

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cornerstone-23e-staceyAfter continuing her education in Human Relations and Business Management, Stacey always had her sights aimed high at owing her own business. She just never imagined it would be in the insurance industry and has since never looked back. Stacey is very passionate about helping people sort through all the confusion when it comes to insurance information and helping determine what options are right for them. She is dedicated to continuing her education and knowledge, which allows her to best serve her clients and their life long needs. She has found her work in insurance incredibly rewarding and cherishes the peace of mind she is able to give others.

Stacey lives in Seattle with her husband and son, who is very active in basketball and they enjoy being social in a variety of circles and always helping with a variety of events. She enjoys taking trips around the Northwest with her family and friends. Stacey may live and work a majority of her time in the greater Seattle area, but her heart also lies with her home town roots of Morton, WA and is continually committed to serving those both near and far.

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